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Please use the link below to contact the management of Bassett Healthcare under the Public Relations tab to ask for reconsideration of the closure of the Health Links Gym at FoxCare. You can also reach them by calling 1-800-BASSETT.

Let them know that we have grown tired of the decimation of services to the people of our community and to start practicing putting the patients first as they claim to but so often prove otherwise.

Over the past several years our community has lost its Crisis Intervention Unit, our Psychiatric unit, our Obstetrics unit, and Physical Therapy which was formally at Oneonta Specialty Services is now largely an unused waiting area. Since forming an affiliation with A.O. Fox Hospital, Bassett has taken so many resources out of the hospital that half of it sits vacant while the half that is used is often overcrowded and understaffed leading to low morale which trickles down to the care the patient receives. Now they want the gym. Don’t let yourselves be fooled! These decisions are NOT based on the well-being of the patient. They are financially driven to make more money elsewhere.

We MUST unite to lift our voices and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If Bassett wants representation in our community, then we MUST hold them accountable for the treatment the patients receive, which gets worse for our community with each passing year.

With that being said, please thank a Bassett nurse, or doctor, or aide, or kitchen staff, or housekeeper etc., the next time you see them. They are very hard-working people working under poor conditions. They are not the ones making these decisions and so many of them do not agree with the decisions but unfortunately have no voice.

They care about the well-being of the patient. You care about the well-being of the patient. I care about the well-being of the patient. Oneonta cares about the well-being of the patient.

Tell the management at Bassett to start caring for the well-being of the patient. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

-Pastor John

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